Harikumar Sivan

Harikumar Sivan (Formerly S. Harikumar) is one of the top-most violinist in Indian classical (Carnatic) music as well as Indian Pop, Jazz, Fusion music scene. Harikumar hails from a traditional Bhrahmin family domiciled in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. Born in 1980, he is the son of H. Sivan (a retired All India Radio Staff) and A. Gomathi Iyer.


At the tender age of seven, Harikumar was initiated into the world of music by his father. He wanted him to become a great violinist rather than take to some other profession. Having studied the basics of violin from his father, he went to learn music under the eminent vocalist Anantha Lekshmi Venkitaraman. Later, he also had the advanced training from the late Chalakkudy Narayana Swami, and violin virtuoso Dr.L. Subramaniam.

At the age of nine, Harikumar staged his debut violin concert at the Siva Temple near his house. Since then, he has been performing a number of violin concerts in different parts of the country and abroad. Harikumar has also collaborated with many renowned musicians like T.N. Shesha Gopalan, T.V. Sankaranarayanan, Pandit Kishan Maharaj, Annindo Chatterjee etc. and Jean Luc Ponty to name a few.

A few years ago, Harikumar worked as a staff artist in the New Delhi based Song and Drama division under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. During this time he gained a sound knowledge in Hindustani and Western Classical music, which later helped him innovate his own new band named "Blue fire" in London with his friends and renowned musicians like Chris Haigh, Steve Taylor, Jeoff Castle and Viktor Oburst.

After a huge success of the band through out the Europe and Asia, their first album - Breath Taker was released. It was rated under top 10 in the fusion music scene. A few years later the band dismandled and Hari re-formed the band with famous drummer and producer, Sanjay Maroo, which resulted the Blue fire's first official album named London Eye.

Today Hari is also a master in playing his new electric violin. He has developed a unique bowing style. The super staccato he incorporates in his bowing method is really unimaginable. To achieve something wonderful like this, Harikumar has toiled with his fiddle, hours on end.

Harikumar's Website: www.hariviolin.com